You Need to Know the Right Foods to Buy for the Bariatric Post-Op Diet

Your success with bariatric surgery is dependent on making the right food choices. With The Ultimate Bariatric Post-Op Diet Guide, you'll learn the correct foods to eat, how to eat, exclusive tips for ALL the phases of the post-op diet, and so much more.

Finally Know EXACTLY What You Need at the Grocery Store

There is nothing more frustrating than facing a life-changing surgery but having no idea what to eat after surgery to ensure success. Bariatric surgery is stressful enough, let me take the stress out of the progressive post-op diet by providing you with a specific grocery list for each stage of the bariatric post-op diet.

Plus, get exclusive tips and suggestions for surviving and thriving through all the bariatric progressive post-op diet phases

You need to know which foods to buy to ensure your success after surgery. The Ultimate Bariatric Post-Op Diet Guide will give you a checklist for ALL of the phases, including:

  • The Clear Liquid Diet
  • The Full Liquid Diet
  • The Pureed Food Diet
  • The Soft Food Diet
  • The Regular Bariatric Diet

At present, weight loss surgery is the most effective and sustainable treatment option for severe obesity as long as the individual is motivated to make the lifestyle changes required.”

National Institute of Health

Hey There, I'm Nicky!

A comparison photo of Nicky Bicksler before and after gastric sleeve. | Gastric Sleeve Before and After: Loving this Crazy Amazing Life! | Featured Graphic | Gastric Sleeve Surgery Before and After, Sleeve Surgery

And I know exactly what it's like to struggle with weight. You see, just two short years ago, I was at the end of my rope. I was 428 pounds, in an unhappy marriage, pre-diabetic, out of shape, and unhappy with my life. I knew something had to change.

And so, after many failed diet attempts, I decided to pursue bariatric surgery. And it has been the best, most life-changing decision of my life. In less than two years, I lost over 235 pounds with my vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

But when I first started my bariatric journey, I felt lost. I wanted someone to tell me what steps I need to take to ensure my success, how I can prepare for life after bariatric surgery, and just what I can expect. I couldn't find it, so I created it. 

And, amazingly, it not only helped me stay on track with my bariatric journey, now I can also help you get started and follow the exact same steps I did to succeed. My system is very basic - and that's what makes it so powerful. Easy to follow, easy to stick to, easy to finally lose the weight for good. Check out all of my resources at Stop Weighting, Start Doing!

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