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Do you feel a little out of control? Like no matter how hard you try, food has this persuasive power over you? And, despite your best efforts, no diets have ever provided lasting results?

I was in your shoes just a few years ago. In 2017, I was 428 pounds, extremely unhappy with myself and my life, and facing several severe medical problems. I knew that I had to take control of my life again, or I was headed for a very early, very wide grave.

With the help of my vertical sleeve gastrectomy, I've lost over 230 pounds. Through my journey, I also went through a divorce, move, job loss, identity theft, switched careers and started a new relationship.

It hasn't been easy, but I've learned so many tips and tricks along the way, and I want to help you find the success and happiness I found as I lost the weight. 

How can I help you?

At Stop Weighting, Start Doing, we focus on four key areas of success:


By changing the foods we eat and how we eat them, we can transform our lives and finally start losing the weight for good.

An obese women smiling while lifting small hand weights. The best exercise routine for obese women.


Exercise is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. By easing our bodies into exercise, we can develop consistent and fun workout routines.

A woman sleeping in the background on a pile of book with a gold alarm clock pointing to 4:55. What to Expect at Your Overnight Sleep Study | Sleep Apnea Test | Featured Graphic | sleep apnea test, polysomnography, sleep study


Sleep plays a key role in weight loss. We need high-quality sleep to recover from surgery and the changes our bodies go through. It also helps to give us the energy to keep up with our healthy habits.

A girl with her arms outstretched looking over the ocean at sunset. Staying motivated when you want to give up.


Learning to manage our stress without food is crucial to our success as bariatric patients. I'll show you the proven techniques to break your emotional eating.

At present, weight loss surgery is the most effective and sustainable treatment option for severe obesity as long as the individual is motivated to make the lifestyle changes required.” ~National Institute of Health

Ready to dive right in?

Wanna know the secret to my success with bariatric surgery? It's changing my habits before surgery. Check out this guide I created - it's the beginner's guide to bariatric surgery. You'll learn which habits to change to finally lose the weight for good and transform your life!

Not Quite ready yet?

That's perfectly fine! Bariatric surgery isn't a decision you should take lightly! To help decide if you're ready for surgery, I created a quiz to give you some direction. Why don't you give it a try and see what you discover? 

What Patients Say


Surgery wasn't cheating or the easy way out. If you want me to be honest, the easy way out would be trying diets and exercising, failing, quitting and making excuses because that's what I did for so long. I chose surgery for not only myself, but for my kids, husband, and family.

Katelyn LaMarche 

 / Gastric Bypass, 150 pounds lost


I feel great! Bariatric surgery gave me my life back. I have more energy, more confidence, and I'm more adventurous. I'm happier than I've ever been in myself! No more fake smiles. No more making myself the butt of jokes about my size before anyone else could. I love my bypass - BEST decision ever!

Kelly Jones

/ Gastric Bypass, 134 pounds lost


I made the decision to have bariatric surgery after being diagnosed with diabetes and couldn't walk unaided. My sleeve has changed my life immensely. I can do things like walking and climbing hills that I haven't been able to do in 20 years! Also, my diabetes is in remission!

Jo Leadley

/ Gastric Sleeve, 105 pounds lost

Are you ready to succeed, too?

Listen, I know what's it like to feel hopeless, to feel like you've tried everything and nothing works. I know what's it's like to feel not good enough, to have people judge you based on your weight.

Weight loss surgery transforms your life. It works. I've seen so many lives transformed by losing weight through bariatric surgery. You can be next. You can transform your life and finally be happy with yourself. You can do all the things you've always wanted to do. You just need to get started!

Wanna know what bariatric surgery options you have? I list the 5 most popular types in my post below.

A woman in a blue shirt trying to measure her large tummy. 5 of the Most Popular Types of Weight Loss Surgery Options | Choosing Your Surgery | Facebook Graphic
A picture of Nicky Bicksler after having lost over 200 pounds. Welcome to the Loser's Bench! | Stop Wieghting, Start Doing!
Nicky Bicksler

I am the founder and creator of Stop Weighting, Start Doing! My mission is to help women make the permanent lifestyle changes necessary to be successful with weight loss surgery. Through using the exact techniques I teach through my posts and products, I've lost over 230 pounds. Are you ready to join me on the loser's bench? 

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